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Integrating Reliability Centered Maintenance with Statistical Forecasting Techniques and Cost Engineering on Machine in Casting Plant of Automotive Parts

Suthep Butdee, Tadpon Kullawong


This paper describes the integration of reliability centered maintenance (RCM), Statistical Forecasting Techniques (SFT) and cost engineering to develop maintenance and cost management on Machine in Casting Plant of Automotive Parts. The main objective of RCM, SFT and cost engineering is the effective maintenance and cost management of the components of a machine inherent reliability value. Consequently, this research aims to manage the costs necessary to extend the service life of a machine through the use of probabilistic methods and simulation techniques in order to better identify the importance of every components in a machine with respect to maintenance costs. As a result of this research, our costing model allows to develop a methodology to determine maintenance costs which must be applied to some subsets of the elements of a machine, grouped according to their criticality and to identify the gap of costs between the true solution and the optimal maintenance interval.


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