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Structure, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Non-extracting Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers

Apikom Boonyakitkosol, Suttinun Phongtamrug, Sirisart Ouajai


Gel-spun UHMWPE fibers were produced without an extracting process. Decalin solvent in gel fibers was evaporated rapidly in the first hour and reached equilibrium state after about 24 hours. WAXD patterns shows that the full concentric circular rings were observed for the as-spun fiber and transform into oriented fibers with azimuthal spots on the equator after hot-drawing process. Consistent with the results of DSC thermograms, with DR values greater than 5.0 found the newly developed endothermic peak of the drawn UHMWPE fibers at 150–155°C are attributed to the transition of the constrained orthorhombic into hexagonal crystals. In this study, UHMWPE fiber with modulus as high as 26 GPa and strength about 1.4 GPa can be achieved.


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