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A Comprehensive Review on the Drying Kinetics of Common Tubers

Flordeliza H. Cosme-De Vera, Allan N. Soriano, Nathaniel P. Dugos, Rugi Vicente C. Rubi


Sun-drying has been conventionally used in the production of tuber-derived commodities such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, and yam. Recent developments in the drying process involves the use of different drying equipment to improve quality and profitability. The importance of drying parameters in the operation of drying equipment necessitates drying kinetic studies on common tubers. This article aims to review the drying kinetics studies conducted on common tubers. Particular interest is on the effect of the drying process parameters like temperature and velocity of heating air medium, the physico-chemical pretreatment method, and sample preparation on the drying rate and time. The different best fit drying kinetic models for specific tubers have also been extensively studied. The role of drying process parameters and best fit model equations on the design of the drying equipment has been emphasized.


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