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Anammox Process: the Principle, the Technological Development and Recent Industrial Applications

Dang Huy Quoc Anh, Prapakorn Tantayotai, Kraipat Cheenkachorn, Malinee Sriariyanun


The ANAerobic AMMonium OXidation or Anammox process, nowadays becomes an important technology for industrial wastewater treatment plants, especially for an effective denitrification process. Anammox process has been widely known for its high efficiency in nitrogen removal in various kinds of wastewater. This review described the details of Anammox process, including biochemical characteristics, technical development, and its applications based on literature studies. Additionally, applications of Anammox process in wastewater treatment in different types of bioreactors were discussed. Finally, three typical applications of Anammox process in nitrogen removal for landfill leachate, fertilizer residues from agricultural activities and petrochemical industrial wastewater treatment were analyzed.


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