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Production of Aluminium AC8H/Al2O3p Coated Metal Matrix Composites by Stir Casting Route

Z. Anne, AI. Andika, KA. Maman


Aluminium AC8H reinforced with Al2O3p coat has been produced by stir casting route. Al-AC8H/ Al2O3p composite is prepared with a varying volume fraction of reinforced from 2Vf% to 22.5Vf%. The stirring process was carried out at 500-700 rpm to achieve vortex in an aluminium melt using graphite impeller for 15 minutes. The microstructures and the phase present in composites were observed under optical and scanning electron microscope. It is concluded that the distribution of Al2O3p in Al matrix was random for a lower content of Al2O3p. The phases present in the composites were MgAl2O4, MgO, Al-Si and Si eutectic analyzed by XRD and EDS


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