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Properties of Tough Skinned Vegetable-Pumpkin Tissue

M. Shirmohammadi, P. Yarlagadda, P. Gudimetla


Understanding of mechanical behaviour of food particles will provide researchers and designers essential knowledge to improve and optimise current food industrial technologies. Understanding of tissue behaviours will lead to the reduction of material loss and enhance energy efficiency during processing operations. Although, there are some previous studies on properties of fruits and vegetables however, tissue behaviour under different processing operations will be different. The presented paper is a part of FE modelling and simulation of tissue damage during mechanical peeling of tough skinned vegetables. In this study indentation test was performed on peeled and unpeeled samples at loading rate of 20 mm/min for peel, flesh and unpeeled samples. Consequently, force deformation and stress and strain of samples were calculated. The toughness of the tissue also has been calculated and compared with the previous results


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