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Filtering Test Case Selection for Increasing the Performance of Regression Testing

Adtha Lawanna


Under the concept of using software testing, the problems are preparing the smallest size of the selected test cases, fixing bugs, predicting the estimated testing time and numbers of the tester. The traditional methods are developed to solve these issues. Unfortunately, they cannot be applied for all reasons. Therefore, the filtering test case selection model is proposed to solve these problems and to increase the efficiency of the regression testing. It prepares the methods of filtering, classifying, and selecting the appropriate test cases. Accordingly, it gives the smaller size of the selected test cases than the traditional selections as 0.23–3.96%. When consider the fault rate measured by the developed technique is also less than those methods equivalent to 13–69%. Furthermore, the testing time and the amount of testers are also less than the comparative studies as about 2–71%, and 13–69% respectively.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.ijast.2015.11.002


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