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Optimization of Design for Air Gap Sensor Using the Response Surface Methodology

Kitisak Chimklin, Chatchapol Chungchoo


In Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturing, there is always a concern about the cutting defects that are caused by residual cutting chips. Only a small amount of 10 μm chips (act as the air gap) can cause the workpiece to tilt and shift from the correct position, and thus affect the dimension of the workpiece (mainly the Base HDD). For this reason, researchers adapted the adjustable micrometer as a simulation device that resembles the air gap for the design of the Air Gap Sensor Module. The design of experiments using response surface methodology will be studied to confirm the appropriate factors of the prototype. This study reports the optimization of the main factors that affect Air Gap Sensor Module condition: Air Nozzle Diameter 2.303 mm, Air Pressure 0.1 MPa, and Sampling Time 645 ms, which has a high square of the coefficient correlation (R-squared = 99.0%) with a close relationship between gap distance and air pressure. The relationship between these variables is mostly linear. The R-squared error percentage of actual value is less than 0.93% compared to predicted value. The mathematical model results and experimental values were consistent and able to predict response variables. The Air Gap Sensor Module can provide the measurement results in micron accuracy and displays light and beep to confirm as acceptable or reject gap conditions with the uncertainty of measurement ± 0.001 mm.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2022.01.003


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