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Modern Applications of Polymer Composites in Structural Industries: A Review of Philosophies, Product Development, and Graphical Applications

Isiaka Oluwole Oladele, Linus Nnabuike Onuh, Suchart Siengchin, Mavinkere Rangappa Sanjay, Samson Oluwagbenga Adelani


Polymer-based materials have been discovered as the most outstanding class of material that is fast displacing other materials in all areas of human needs. The dire need for durable, aesthetic, and lightweight materials has favored the increasing demand for polymer-based materials in structural industries. The application of polymeric-based materials in all aspects of human endeavor is based on their ease of formation, lightweight, and acceptable properties. The philosophy of composite development has also contributed immensely to the production of components from polymer-based materials suitable for several structural applications. More recently, interest in green materials also encourages the use of polymer-based materials in structural applications. The suitability of a material for any selected application is justified by structural and environmental compatibility. Thus, researchers have focused on these two major areas in their investigations for product development. Despite continuous efforts in these two directions, they are still issues of great concern to researchers in satisfying the desires of users presently. Hence, this review presents the philosophies of researchers, the product developed, and areas of application for polymer-based materials in structural industries such as biomedical, building and construction, energy, and sports. The paper advanced graphical presentation of the application of developed products and strongly supports the recommendation of polymer-based composite materials as a viable alternative to other materials due to their remarkable capabilities in many application domains.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2023.07.003


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