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Finite Element Analysis for Thermoforming Process of Starch/ Biodegradable Polyester Blend

T. Thongwichean, C. Phalakornkule, A. Chaikittiratana


The objective of this work is to study the behaviour during sheet thermoforming process of a Tapioca starch-biodegradable polyester (EnpolTM) blend with the mixing ratio of 50:50 by weight. The mechanical behavior of the material extruded in the form of thin sheet was studied by means of compression tests with varying strain rates at temperatures ranging from between 363 K to 393 K. The Elastic–Perfectly Plastic material model was used to capture the compressive deformation behavior of the material. It was found that the model described reasonably well the behavior of the material and the 2D Finite element simulation with Elastic–Plastic material model gave good representation of the real thermoforming process.


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