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Repair Ability of Incoloy 800 in Vent Gas Wash Tower Pipe System

B. Poopat, E. Warinsiriruk


The objective of this research project is to study repair ability of Incoloy 800 welded pipes that were used in wash Tower system. Failure of these pipes was caused by pitting corrosion from corrosive HCl environment in Wash Tower. Types of filler metals were varied in this research which consists of ERNiCrCoMo-1, ERNiCrMo-1, ERNiCu-7 and ERNiMo-7. As-welded specimens were immersed in a solution of 37% HCl concentration for 74 hours at room temperature for corrosion test. For samples used ERNiCrCoMo-1 as a filler metal showed pitting corrosion at weld bead. For ERNiMo-7as a filler metal was corroded at HAZ were pronounced explicitly.


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