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Guidelines for Selecting the Appropriate Heel Insoles on Ladies Flat Shoes with Walking Activity

Suchada Rianmora, Sujinda Takaew


The interviewed 150 ladies from the central provinces of Thailand prefer to wear flat shoes for performing daily activities. A 54% of the interviewed group prefers to apply heel insoles for releasing stress occurred during the day; especially the ladies who are members of an aircrew or a flight attendant. Some insoles or heel inserts are available in the market without clear product instructions or descriptions, only the trained brand ambassadors have introduced and suggested the specific characteristics of their products. Cost of inserts is depended upon the reliability, the brand designers or the materials of the product. Providing product description clearly on the package can help the customers avoid any confusion and eliminate issue about having trouble getting comfortable when they are wearing shoes with inserts. Applying the technical applications proposed in this research can help to select the appropriate insoles with a reasonable price for minimizing foot pain or extending the walking period tolerance of daily activities where the same or favorite shoes still be applied.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.ijast.2017.02.007


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