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Studies on Regression Analysis of Carbon Fabric Polymer Hybrid Nanocomposite

D. Lingaraju, D. Suneel


Developments of nanoparticle reinforced plastics are of growing interest towards the emergence of new materials which enhance optimal utilization of natural resources and particularly of renewable resources. This paper focuses on the development of such composites, through the use of carbon nanofibers (CNFs), carbon fibers and modified epoxy resin for structural and impact applications. Flexural and tensile behavior of composites has been analysed to investigate the effect of modification of epoxy matrix by adding CNFs on the mechanical properties of composites. Morphological and fracture analysis of composites were performed by SEM. In the present study, Mechanical properties prediction model using regression analysis and ANOVA is developed to investigate the effects of wt% of CNF, ETBN during processing of carbon fabric-polymer hybrid nanocomposite.


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