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Microhardness and Microstructure on Welding of Nodular Cast Iron Grade FCD 500

S. Petchsang, B. Poopat, I. Phung-on


The aim of this research is to study the microhardness and the microstructure of the welds of nodular cast iron by SMAW process utilizing two different patterns of filler metal: one uses only ENiFe-CI and the other employs ENiFe-CI as butter layer and followed by E7016. These investigations represent that the highest hardness occurs in the fusion boundary due to carbide formation; the HAZ composes of the formation of bainite and the bottom of the E7016 weld metal comprises martensite. On the contrary, the base metal and the ENiFe-CI weld metal gives lower hardness because of the formation of pearlite and graphite nodules surrounded by ferrite rings and austenite with ferrite at the sub-grain boundary respectively.


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