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Eigenvalue Trajectory and the Space Curvature Adaptation on Improving Tactile Recognition Process

Somrak Petchartee, Anan Suebsomran, Gareth Monkman


The authors have proposed a novel surface recognition algorithm capable of determining contact surfaces types by means of tactile sensor fusion since 2008. With Quadric surface representing; the limiting procedures which relate various degenerate Cartesian coordinate systems play a crucial result in the classification of all such systems. In this paper, the renew recognition processes are described. The space transformations are technically reducing the complicated contact surface for classification refinement. The complete classification of these modifiable coordinate systems is provided by means of the corresponding space curvature. Information is obtained directly at the interface between the object and the sensing device and relates to three-dimensional. The technique called “eigenvalue trajectory analysis”, is introduced after and adopted for specifying the margin of classification. The authors demonstrate mathematically approach which offers significant computational advantages such as dynamic recognition of contact deformations


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