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Effect of Winding Formats on Impact Resistance of Fiberglass Tank

S. Ieamsupapong, P. Phaisalpanumas


The aim of this research is to study the relationship between winding format and impact resistance of fiberglass tank. The design of experiment was made and then manufactured 750-litre fiberglass tank for six different types. These fiberglass tanks were made of ‘chopped strand mat fiber’ (a sheet of fiber glass) on the first level and then winding over with glass fiber to reinforce the strength in close format or in cross format. Consequently, samples from these tanks were cut into two different formats: along the winding direction and in diagonal or cross winding format for testing by ASTM standard to study the effect of these winding methods on the impact resistance. The result of this study showed that the winding format in each type yielded distinctive perspective of impact resistance value which suitable for different applications


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