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Triangular Mesh Generation for Finite Element/Finite Volume Methods

Sutthisak Phongthanapanich



Mesh generation techniques are widely employed in various engineering fields including those related to physical
models described by partial differential equations. This paper describes the two-dimensional Delaunay triangulation procedureconsisting of mesh generation, node creation, mesh smoothing, and adaptive remeshing technique. The proposed algorithm can generate mesh of arbitrary geometry for both simply connected and multi-boundary domains. The technique generates an entirelynew mesh based on the solution obtained from simulation using the previous finite element/finite volume meshes; such that elements in regions with large changes of solution gradients become smaller and elements in areas with little changes of solutiongradients grow larger. Finally, the performance of the proposed unstructured triangular mesh regeneration procedures areevaluated on both simply- and multi-connected boundaries domain of computational mechanics problems.


Triangular mesh, Delaunay triangulation, Error estimation

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