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The Air-Conditioning Controller via the Internet

Somchai Saleekaw



The air-conditioner controller consists of two significant parts, being the hardware and software. The hardware
consists of three main parts including motion sensor circuit, the air-conditioner controller circuits, and main control board with
internet interface. The software program is written in C language on-board ET-PIC16/32 START KIT for controlling the airconditioner either by the control panel or via the internet using HTML and JavaScript for control and display of results. The result of data has a record in the database. For the testing of the air-conditioning controller included switching on and off, setting temperature, adjusting the fan level and setting the operating time via the control panel and web-page. The result showed that the controller could work and be functioned as specified and intended, and the temperature measured by the sensor showed an average deviation of ±1.47 degree C and average margin of error 5.99 percent.


Air-conditioning, Motion sensor, Microcontroller, Web-page

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