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An Investigation Shear Surface on Semi-Piercing with Finite Element Method

Oris Maneesai, Pongsak Tuengsook



The Semi-piercing process is a sheet metal forming process and popular in fine blanking process with high precision
requirement and smooth shear surface without crack. The Semi-pierce parts can be completed without the secondary operations, and then cost and time are reduced. Many parameter such as, Experiments including specimens were made of low carbon steel
according to JIS.SPHC standard, ring shape, thickness of 6 mm., diameter of 12 mm., clearance 0.5 percent of specimen thickness, cutting edge-radius of punch and die was determined as 0.0, 1.0, and 2.0 mm. respectively. As the results, the smaller of punch-die cutting edges radius percent of smooth shear surface was lease than the larger of punch-die cutting edge radius. Meanwhile, as the larger of punch-die cutting edge radius was increase, results to increasing of the percent of width and depth of die roll. In addition, its effect to the amount of strain on shear zone, as the larger of strain, results to increased of the die-roll and
decreasing of smooth shear surface.


Semi-piercing process, Blanking process, Sheet metal forming

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