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Development of Stoneware body by white clay and local clay

Lerdchai Sathitpanawong



This paper was study to develop Stoneware Body by using white clay and local clay. The objectives of this paper
aim to study in physical qualifications and find out the appropriate ratio of the mixture clays which included of Local clay, Lampang clay and Sand. The sampling plan is used in the experiment by sampling diagram from Triaxial diagram which the suitable number of experiment is 36 mixtures. The characteristic of physical qualifications have been studied after burning at 850 Degrees Celsius and 1,230 Degrees Celsius under an oxidation atmosphere and also the product test was formed by free form. The results of this research showed that the proportion of the clay mixture from sample no.5 give the optimal result that
included of local clay at 60 percents, Lampang clay 20 percents and Sand 20 percents. In the physical qualifications after burning 850 Degrees Celsius show that the burning shrinkage is 7.86 %, the water absorption is 17.68%, modulus of rupture 7.14 kg/cm2, Softening Point at 850 Degrees Celsius. Finally the physical qualifications after burning 1,230 Degrees Celsius
show that the burning shrinkage is 13.57 %, the water absorption is 6.27 %, modulus of rupture 35.98 kg/cm2, Softening Point at 1,230 Degrees Celsius which it can make Stoneware Pottery.


Pottery, Stoneware, White and Local Clay

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