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Mechanical, Rheological, and Morphological Properties of PP/Al composite modified by PP-g-MAH

Prathumrat Nuyang, Chutima Inuppatam, Petcharak Chotirat, Jakkrapong Monyanont


This research studied the effects of a coupling agent on materials to improve the compatibility of PP/Al blends using PP grafted with maleic anhydride (PP-g-MAH) as a coupling agent. The research focused on the effects of a coupling agent that affected the composition of the mixtures. The polymer matrix composites with PP-g-MAH were used as a coupling agent and were prepared with an internal mixer at a temperature of 180C and a speed of 60 rpm, varying Al powder from 0 – 10%wt and fixed PP-g-MAH. The flexural strength and impact strength were determined. The polymer matrix composites (PMCs) showed a positive effect on the mechanical properties. The trend of the melt flow index increased when increasing aluminium powder. The part of the morphology of PMCs with non-PP-g-MAH revealed that the particles of aluminium fine powder dispersed in the matrix phase, but that there were many microvoids between filler and matrix. On the other hand, PMCs with PP-g-MAH caused the microvoids between filler and matrix to reduce.


Polymer matrix composites, PP-g-MAH, aluminium, polypropylene

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