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Factors Affecting the Loss of Engineering Systems’ Materials in Extra Large Buildings

Teeradol Srirod, Karun Jaipunya, Sakda Katavettavarak


This research intends to identify factors that affect the loss of materials in mechanical and electrical works specifically in large buildings, and solution to proper management. This research is categorized into 3 systems which are Air-condition and ventilation system, Fire protection and sanitary system, and Electrical system. Samples being used in this research are those who work on site involving in field works and tend to acknowledge these problems well. Individuals are selected from each project within the company, from a total of 15 projects, whose are Project manager, Project engineer, Site engineer, senior supervisor, Supervisor, and Foreman. Thus we have a total of 270 individuals as a sample. The methods being used in the analytical process are percentage, mean, standard deviation, One-Way ANOVA, and HSD (Turkey’s HSD test). It was found that “robbery” has the most impact that responsible for the loss of materials, while “project delayed” has the least. However, each individuals with different role tends to have different thoughts and comments on this issue, which equal to .05 statistically


Loss of materials; Extra large building; Air-condition and ventilation system; Fire protection and sanitary system; and Electrical system

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