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The Development of Trainers’ Training Course on Authentic Evaluation Using Participatory Learning Method for Vocational Teachers

Mujalin Binchai, Pairote Stirayakorn, Pisit Methapatara


The purposes of this study were to 1) develop and verify the model of authentic evaluation course, and to 2) develop and verify the trainers’ training course using participatory learning method for vocational teachers. The subjects of this research were selected according to the set criteria, the total amount of 667 persons including the specialists, college administrators, department heads, teachers, and students under the Office of Vocational Education Commission with the results as follows. 1) The authentic assessing model revealed 5 correlation aspects, i.e. 1) defining the target of the subject, 2) defining the authentic workload, 3) evaluating, 4) workload evaluating, and 5) concluding the results. The specialists reported the efficiency of the developed model at very high appropriateness. 2) The results of the efficiency evaluation using CIPP Model on the 11 topics of the program showed that the context evaluation presented very high appropriateness of the training course. The input evaluation revealed high IOC between behavioral objective and other components of the program resulting in the theoretical achievement at 86.15/84.89 and the practical part at 85.14 higher than the set criteria. The trainees also reported very high satisfaction. Moreover, the follow-up evaluation conducted by the trainers showed high achievement of the theoretical part at 83.28/82.12 and 82.82/81.05 the practical part at 82.22 and 82.24 higher than the set criteria. The management team also reported high satisfaction on the task of the trainees. Furthermore, the students were satisfied with the teaching method and the teachers. Finally, the teachers were satisfied with the improvement of students on critical thinking, practical work, and problem solving.


Authentic evaluation model; training course; participatory learning

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