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Effect of Cryogenic Cutting Coolants on Cutting Forces and Chip Morphology in Machining Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

Pradeep Kumar M., Dilip Jerold B.


The cutting forces, form of chips and the morphology of the chip influences the productivity of any machining process. In this research work, the form of chips produced and its morphology in machining Ti-6Al-4V alloy is studied under dry, wet, and cryogenic machining conditions. The cutting force, feed force and thrust force which greatly influences the efficiency of the cutting tool is also studied. Efficiency of the cryogenic cutting coolants (Carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen) in terms of chip morphology and cutting forces are analyzed in comparison with dry and wet machining conditions. The use of cryogenic coolants yielded chips with uniform serrated teeth with low average peak value and smaller pitch values. Cryogenic CO2 coolant in particular reduced the cutting force in the range of 21 – 41%, feed force in the range of 11 – 39% and thrust force in the range of 14 – 43% when compared to wet machining.


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